Have you got mess or small peaces of something on your office desk? Do you want to push it somewhere else? Then you need small box without lid, don’t you? “Where I get it?” you may ask. That’s the question. So, I say Print it! It’s easy, only go through these few steps and assembly your own small box without lid. Everything you need are office printer and scissors (no glue).

1. Select box size:

2. Set up box height:

40 mm
Dimension: Width: 20 mm, Heighth: 40 mm, Depth: 50 mm

3. Type a box title:

4. Print the box!

Donwload pdf file to print.

» If you don't get pdf file now you may use direct link to download.

Important: Don't forget to turn off all page scaling functions in print settings dialog of your pdf viewer before you print the box.

5. Assembly the box

  1. Cut dashed line with scissors.
  2. Bend the paper along solid lines in the direction to inside.
  3. Wrap the sides one by one around the box together.

Now, you have your own small box, enjoy it!